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24 hour play fest

Saturday, October 9th, 2004

quote of the week:
“Actors need sharks. You need to throw the actors to the sharks, it’s more interesting that way [pause] Yes, Actors need sharks…. with big teeth.” – my directing teacher

I am presently in the middle of a 24 hour play festival. Last night at 7 pm everyone met, and the producers laid out the rules. Each play must include a traffic cone, a crochet mallet, and the line “The titanic sunk, this time on land.” Each play has 2 actors, and should be between 5 and 10 minutes. The set must be made out of rehersal blocks, and the only other props availiable are a dish, fork and glass, a piece of paper and a pen. The writers had till 7am to write their play, at which point we met again, and began rehersals. I’m now on an hour break so my actors can shower/nap/recharge before we do tech at 4pm.

The play I’m doing is a hysterical mock of Training Day, which saddly I haven’t actually seen…. so substitute any police movie in it’s place really. I’ve been having a good time, and officially I think it’s the first thing I’ve directed that going to be shown to an audience really. So I’m excited about that. But now it’s time for me to shower and nap….