forced sharing

My internet connection’s been really spotty this week, but I don’t feel I can really complain about it too much. When I moved into this apartment for the summer, I discovered I could pick up wireless signal from the house next door in my room. Well, at least if I sit against the far wall. This of course raises some eyebrows when I mention it. My dad refers to it as taking advantage of the internet’s existence as an unlimited resource (like breathing air which doesn’t effect someone else’s ability to breath air, or something like that). In other reactions seems to be the gypsy adage of “forced sharing” seems to hang over it. Other people simply seem to think I’m a criminal.

Well, if my neighbors read this, come knock on the door, and please leave your pitchfork and torch at home. We can have a pleasant cup of tea together, and I’ll give you ten bucks for your Internet bill.

3 Responses to “forced sharing”

  1. Ben Hyde says:

    Citizens of the global village live in the now!

  2. kelly! says:

    did you see that post gary whatshisface posted on the webboard about wireless? it made me sad, because i REALLY want the new airport express/airtunes that apple just came out with (pauses to squash a spider on the wall. gross!!), can i mooch off of your wireless in hill haus?

    13 more days! but that’s a bad number…12 more days! i miss you like WOAH.

    _kelly (like woah)

  3. eleanor says:

    yeah… the airport post was an interesting one there (sorry to those of you who have NO idea what we’re talking about). We’ll chat about this at some point.

    - e

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