ding dong the witch is dead !

Tonight at camp we had our evening performance of the Wizard of Oz. The plays are done in a big tent (like you would have for a wedding in) with no side flaps. The stage is built of wood with a shed on either side, and the audience slopes up the hill. During the show I work the sound and light boards. After spending the last week trying to fix the lighting, which kept blowing circuits, the damn thing finally worked flawlessly tonight.

Tonight was also the first time we had ever run the show in the dark (meaning not blazing daylight). As the sun set behind the tent it got darker and darker, until the blackout after the witch melted (cue fog machine) when it was pitch black. Until all of a sudden I spotted a single firefly blinking across the stage in the dark. It seemed awfully poetic somehow.

Oh, and the kid’s were great too! Well… two more shows tomorrow and then we’re done with the yellow brick road. And on to Bye Bye Birdie !!

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  1. mimi says:

    wow! Congrats on your show- I’m sure it was great! xxoo

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