mom says blogs w/out pictures are lame

I knew I was ready to go back to school when I started having reoccurring dreams about it, but today at the grocery store I picked up a can of black bean soup and bought it. Well, as I was leaving the store I realized I bought it hoping it would taste like the black bean soup they serve at the cafeteria at school. It’s a really good thing I’m going back next weekend, or I think I might loose it.

On the walk back from the grocery store I passed a yard sale where they were selling plants. I realized as I walked by that they had three bragmansias. My mom has some bragmansia in her collection of plants, and they have always been one of my favorite plants. I looked at the plant with a sudden desire to buy it, and then realized it was almost as tall as I was. It would be rather impractical to try and keep a tree-sized plant in my dorm room.

plant with gnomes

This is a picture of the one on my parent’s porch with the garden gnomes keeping it company.

Sadly this doesn’t show it in bloom. When it blooms it has peach flowers that hang down. They are about 7 inches long and look like unsidedown champagne flutes. They are called angel trumpets. AND, to top it off, they are poisonous, which I always thought made a plant more interesting. Some day when I stop having to move every 10 months or so, I’ll buy a bragmansia.

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  1. Ben Hyde says:

    Worry not! It’s in bloom right now. I suspect a photo will appear someplace soon.

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