I too have sand in my shoes.

Last year I did worked on a show about gypsies. In the play there is this moment were the supporting lead says to his gather family “START PACKING!” His mother starts laughing at him and points out that he is foolish, as any good gypsy can pack everything they need to move on within a half hour.

I moved today, and despite the fact that it took me longer that a half hour to pack (more like 8 hours spread over a week I think) I managed to actually do all the moving in about an hour. I alway stress about the fact that I own so much stuff when I move. I think this came from living with a minimalist for a while. So when my friend showed up with her husband’s pick up truck, and we got it all in one load I felt much better. Maybe I’m not such a bad gypsy after all.

Now I just have to unpack.

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