back to school

I’ve now been back on campus for a week (I’m here early for RA training and something called summer institute), and I have to say I am over joyed to be back. It just seems like I’m home again. Summer Institute (which I’m in the middle of right now) is a week of leadership training and conversations about community, activism, and such. There should be more on this to come… but for now, I wanted to post this quote which my parents sent to me a while back.

2004 edition, The Princeton Review, The Best 351 Colleges

Under a section called “Confused People”-
Sarah Lawrence is a haven of unity and acceptance. Every morning at sunrise the entire campus gathers around the flagpole, holds hands, and sings ‘We Are The World’, If you’re really lucky, you get to be Dionne Warwick or Willie Nelson. If you show up late you have to be Bob Dylan. But everyone gets free doughnuts, and it’s the happiest time of the day for most students. One morning I went hung over, and threw up in the middle of the circle. I was so ashamed, but then I looked around at the diverse group of smiling faces from all over the country and the world and suddenly I felt better. I went home and threw up some more, thankful to live in the world of love that is Sarah Lawrence.”
Matt F.

If anybody happens to know who Matt F. is, I would like to shake his hand, because that is funny.

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