welcome to the police state

I can hear sirens outside my window. Besides that campus feels idealic as usual. But just a few miles away in New York City things are far from idealic.

Roughly 1100 people go to my school… not that many, and this first week is all registration (a complex process of talking to all our professors and creating a personal program). This first week also happened to be the Republican National Convention, and being a politically active campus, that was a big deal. I know lots of people who have been in an out of the city all week for protests and such, and the stories that come back are getting uglier and uglier.

Yesterday 2 people I know (friends of a friend) didn’t come back from the city because they were arrested. We were told that they didn’t have ID on them when they were arrested, which made things worse. That was yesterday…. they’re still not back. Today I ran across a woman I know who had been arrested and been released. She was on her way to the deans office to try and get her hands of a list of the students who were in detention so she could get them connected with legal help. She said it’s estimated that 15 to 25 students from our school were in custody. The hope is if the school threatens to press charges, the police will let them go. The rumor is NYU succeeded with that.

Meanwhile, one of Annie’s dance professors told her about a march where the police baracked off the last 75 people in the peaceful march, closed in on them with motorcycles, and arrested people.

I don’t know how much of this is true, because there doesn’t seem to be any reliable news. Only one article of barely a dozen paragraphs in the New York Times. I do know that my friends haven’t come home, and that scares the shit out of me.

What kind of country am I living in that I am more scared of the police than anything else? A place where I have been frightened out of exersising my freedom of speech. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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  1. Ben says:

    hey eleanor,

    scary it is. and sickening. it seems like if they give it a good, patriotic name then it’s alright. 1984=2004. and on top of that… folks will cheer them. people who’ve had their overtime taken away, soldier’s who have less benefits than before the iraq war, folks with no health care… it’s hard to fathom. and another thing….


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