on the first day of christmas…

For christmas this year I got the most wonderful present of a DIGITAL CAMERA! Now my blog can be full of joyous pictures! Like this one:

red hat

On Christmas I started learning how to knit a hat, and this is the hat complete minus the step where I remove the knitting needles. I’ve very proud of it. It wasn’t supposed to come out with the little point of the top, but I like it like that.

A friend of mine told me a story about calling an older friend of his and asking how his christmas went. “Well, I don’t know. All civilized people celebrate all 12 days of Christmas” he said, “it’s only the fourth day today. Anything could happen.”

2 Responses to “on the first day of christmas…”

  1. Omen says:

    Was very surprised to see a reference to my dear Mr. R—– on your blog. I like the hat. Well done.



  2. eleanor says:

    Well, I always like a good story – and stealing them for my own evil uses. Beware, no story is safe.

    thanks on the hat :) I’m working on another one now….

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