giant bird update

I’ve been making progress on the giant bird puppet project. (in the background you can see the furnace, since this project has been moved to the basement)

bird puppet

close up bird puppet

I molded the body out of chicken wire, which I then covered with paper mache. I wasn’t sure that was going to work, because the paper mache doesn’t really stick to the chicken wire, but it does stick to itself quite well, so I just wrapped it all the way around. The head I build first out of cardboard, and then covered in paper mache. The paper mache has been really fun to work with.

The wing span is about 7 feet, and the body is two feet long… I’m still figuring out how long the wings and tail will be based on how much fabric I have. The fabric I found is red, so I think it’s going to be a phoenix. Now I’m looking at lots of pictures of phoenixes on the web… that’ll keep me busy for a little while.

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