Inauguration Day Action

I have had a distaste for the marching, slogan chatting, sign waving form of protest. It always feels a little mob like and that can be scary. I also have some doubts about their ability to effect change in our country at this time. But at the same time I continue to feel the need to register my dissent in some way. For those reason’s this action caught my eye

I ran across the Turn Your Back On Bush site earlier this month, and I do have some doubts about the ability to pull this off, but even so it is the only thing I’ve found about Inauguration Day Actions that I think I would willing to be part of. Particularly I ended up looking at it today again because a friend of mine pointed me to it. He has a connection to some people working on the action, and helped calm my fears that it was just some random angry teen with good website design skills.

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  1. Hol Yomama says:

    Flash back to call party. I know those have a more official name, that we even used. But I forgot, extended brain fart that started mid-December. Sounds like it has possibility, there is even a campus organizer. Colgate seems to be the only other one that is practicing this. See, this is the type of activism that I love, I think it’s because of the symbolism behind it, just seems to make a much more profound message. El, I see possibility, if you need help organizing this on our campus, I’ll be more than happy to help out. It would be just like “old times.”

  2. eleanor says:

    Well, I’m not sure if I’m ready for a road trip to DC in a week and a half. But maybe we could put something together on campus. …. mmmm….. oh the possibilities…..

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