the ocean

This weekend I took a trip to visit a friend of mine on Cape Cod. It was the first time I had been to the beach in quite a long time (maybe a couple years), and I was surprised by the impact it had on me.


We pulled up to the beach and I suddenly realized how enormous the ocean was. Of course I know the ocean is big, but seeing it stretch away in front of me into forever was a brutal reminder. As we walked down the beach I couldn’t help but think of all the Tsunami news I’ve been battered by these past couple weeks. I tried to imagine the sea receding away from me, and a wave coming toward me from the horizon. I wondered when the wave would become noticeable against the horizon. Looking around I thought about how on this wind swept Cape Cod beach there was nothing to hold onto.

Lately I have started turning off the radio when they start telling stories of Tsunami victims. Not because I don’t care, or don’t think the stories are important. There is simply not enough room in my head to understand this tragedy and how many people have died. Somehow though standing on the beach staring at the ocean made the stories make a little more sense.

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