You know, taken out of context I must seems so strange

I have a friend who is a great musician. It seems like he plays just about anything he can get his hands on. I had never known somebody who actually loved classical music before. We went to visit his parent’s house in Virginia once. I seem to remember that his family moved there to work for the Democratic Party in DC years ago. His father spent all of dinner talking to me about politics, and knew more about my home state senators that I did. While we were there my friend gave me this CD. He says “Somebody gave this too me. I hate it, but I think you’ll like it.” Great start right?

The CD was Ani Difranco’s Living in Clip. And he was right. I loved it. About half way through the second disc is as song called Fire Door. She says,

I make such a good statistic
someone should study me now
somebody’s got to be interested in how i feel
just ’cause i’m here
and i’m real

I write here in that spirit. That all these stories are valuable, and worth being shared.

2 Responses to “You know, taken out of context I must seems so strange”

  1. peacenik says:

    eleanor- unfortunately when I read your title “and I’m real” I didn’t automatically think of ani d. actually the opposite… j. lo! I mean she is always singing about how “real” she is…she has one song where all she does is sing “I’m real” with a rapper adding some rhythm in the background and another one where she swears that she is still “jenny from the block”… maybe its just because I heard j. lo on radio disney today while driving around “child talent” (really just fifth graders with connections..)

    thats if for now.
    much love and peace..
    a. peacenik..

  2. eleanor says:

    well…. I suppose thats alright, I have fond memories of that J. Lo song. Used to sing it with my team mates when I worked in chicago. Best line: “- get cha hair did.”

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