one good song!

Yesterday I got a package for my birthday with at mix CD in it (Thanks Mel!). On the mix was A fox when out on a stormy night, a song from my childhood.


When I was first born my dad, a new father, sang to me every night before I went to sleep. He had a repertoire of about 10 or 12 songs (well, I don’t actually remember, but for the sake of the story, just play along). It takes a long time to sing that many songs and after a while he would be in a rush, or it would be later than usual, and so we would cut out a couple of songs from the middle. It turned out I didn’t notice, and would still fall asleep. After a few more weeks, he realized that if he just sang the first and the last song, I would still fall asleep.

Then one night he only sang the last song, and low and behold! I still fell asleep just fine, with no complaints! After a little while longer my father realized that if he only sang the first verse of the last song, I would still fall asleep.

The end of the story as my dad tells it is “and to this day, if I sing ‘A fox went out on a stormy night, and prayed to the moon to give him light’ Eleanor will start yawning.

Luckily, the version on this mix is an upbeat bluegrass version, so it shouldn’t put me to sleep.

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  1. andrea says:

    i want to listen to that song of i’m real.

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