my new home: the puppet shop

I have been meaning to take pictures of my puppets to post, but I keep forgetting to take my camera down to the shop. I’ve started spending about 7 hours a week outside of class in the shop (class being 4 hours a week). At this point when I come home my roommate tends to ask “how was the puppet shop?” before I even mention I’ve been there. We are supposed to have finished our construction before spring break (which starts on Friday), so that we can begin rehearsal when we get back. Needless to say, I’m not there yet. Hence the increase in time in the puppet shop.

I’ve learned that anything I do puppet-wise will take twice as long as I expect it to. Now, at first I thought this would mean I could adjust my expectations of how long things would take. A project I once might have thought would take a half hour, I now expect to take an hour. That turns out not to work. What I expect to take an hour, will still take 2 and a half. It’s pretty impressive actually. My professor claims thats the most important lesson on the class. I glare at him as if somehow it could be his fault.

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