Happy 90th

Today is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Yesterday we had an enormous family affair to celebrate the occasion, during which I got to hear a fuller version of my grandpapa’s life story. For a long time I had been trying to figure out what order all the pieces came in… did he go to med school before the war? was that before or after he hitchhiked across the country? It’s really incredible to think about how much history he has lived through in the past 90 years… I get giddy just thinking about the incredible historical events that happened in the last 20 years.

My favorite stories from my grandfather’s life come from the 1930′s when he hitchhiked across country after going to the World’s Fair in Chicago. He likes to tell about the time he got arrested for ten days for vagrancy. Then my uncle was telling me about when he got arrested the hobos in the jail tried my grandfather in a hobo’s court inside the prison. There they tried to fine him $5 for some offense. He only had $3 and one hidden in his shoe. Due to his extreme youth and “the fact that it was his first time in this court” he got off with the $3 fine.

It makes me wonder what stories I will tell my grandchildren…

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