puppet panic

Tomorrow I am supposed to start the rehearsal process for my puppet work. That would imply that the construction was more or less done. Right. When I got back from my trip I went into a general panic and tried to cram as many hours in the shop as I could. Last night at 11pm my jet lagged brain shut down after making this:
shadow puppet

This is a shadow puppet articulated at the arm. He is part of a larger shadow scene (yet to be built), in which he will use that stick to poke the fire. He is meant to accompany this piece of text from the Futurist Manifesto by Marinetti:

At last they’ll find us – one winter’s night – in open country, beneath a sad roof drummed by a monotonous rain. They’ll see us crouched beside our trembling aeroplanes in the act of warming our hands at the poor little blaze that our books of today will give out when they take fire from the flight of our images.

Tonight I am trying to finish an economics paper, so the puppets have the night to themselves.

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  1. mimi k says:

    beautiful image!

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