NYTimes – Gossip Column style

hand kiss

This is a totally fascinating article. In a style that reminds me of a gossip column we get a little picture into what it would be like to be at the Pope’s funeral at the part of the service where you are asked to turn and shake hands with your neighbor. And just like any other stereotypical funeral, we see feuding elements of the family are forced to sit in the same room with each other.

“Well it was really easy to ignore how irritating Uncle Joe is when I never have to visit him in California, but now that we’re both here at this forced family reunion I guess I have to decide weather or not we’re on speaking terms….. hmmm…. ” Only! instead of Uncle Joe, it’s the president of SYRIA !! Sadly I’ve noticed though that generally after you all go home after the funeral not very much changes.

P.S. if anyone can find any more pictures of this nature, I would love to see them. I’ve been looking and I can’t find any.

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