In January, after an investigation that had turned up no culprit, police in Truro took the unusual step of asking all men in the community for DNA samples, a move that brought criticism from civil libertarians.

I found this story really interesting the when it first surfaced in the news months ago. Its a weird to try and sort out this idea of a general call for DNA samples to find a suspect. I imagine if this had happened in my community, and I was asked to volunteer a DNA sample I would probably refuse. It seems like a witch hunt just waiting to happen. My brain is flooded with the idea of a community split between the “cooperators” and those who “obstruct justice.” Once you have oppositional groups like that, just throw in a dash of polarization, stir, bake for a couple months, and the next thing you know kids are getting beaten up in school about it.

Not that I think it would be better to force people to participate in a tactic like this. Tyranny certainly doesn’t seem like a better answer. It just makes me think…

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