dyeing experiment

Because I just don’t have enough work to do, tonight I decided to try dyeing some fabric to dress my marionette with. I’ve never actually dyed fabric with tea before, but I figured it was worth a try. So here is what it looks like tonight:

tea dye

I think I should have made more tea for the amount of fabric I used, but so it goes. It also looks a lot more yellow in this picture than it really seems. I think thats the flash as opposed to my dark kitchen. I put five tea bags in the boiling water and let it steep for about 15 minutes before I put the fabric in. I don’t actually know what kind of fabric it is… I stole it from the scraps in the costume shop. In the morning we’ll see how it looks.

Feel free to give me advice on how I should have done this if you happen to know something about it. Then maybe I can do it right next time instead of just making it up.

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  1. mimi k says:

    How much fabric was there? 5 teabags for a yard or so should be fine. The main consideration is the fiber content. It needs to be a natural material- cotton works best. Also, the dye should be hot at some point when the fabric is in it- either reheat the dye before putting your fabric in, or heat it after. If you want even dyeing, wet your fabric first. If you want a blotchy look, crowd your dry fabric into a too small dyeing container- a jar works well. If you hate it, try again. Redye or overdye to make it darker or wash it all out with bleach or one of those oxy-wash products.

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