Spirit Dancing

I’ve found this new blog that I’m really enjoying called Spirit Dancing. She’s had some really great puppetry stuff on her site including this awesome entry about the puppets in the His Dark Materials stage performance. That was really exciting.

I was planning of waiting to post about this till later, but today I was really surprised by what I found there. There was a google ad on the side bar for the Sarah Lawrence summer puppetry workshop. The one taught by my professor. I knew the puppet world was small, but that still surprised me.

Anyway, check it out!

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  1. Hil says:

    Hi Eleanor :-) . Thanks for the kind comments about my blog. Those daemons are something else aren’t they? I wish I could see the production!

    I’m hoping you will be following up about Basil Twist. I haven’t found out much about his work yet, and am interested. And did you finish your big bird? That looked cool.

    Best wishes,

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