Phoenix debut !

funny you should ask… Today was supposed to be May Fair at my school. Every year the student senate organizes a children’s carnival for the surrounding area. Last year I was in charge of this event… it’s lots of fun. Yesterday I realized that this would be the perfect event for my phoenix puppet. In a sudden flurry of inspiration I built a backpack for wearing the puppet. Sadly the event got canceled due to weather, but I still took the Phoenix out for a spin.

phoenix puppet

phoenix puppet

The back pack I made out of part of a foam mattress pad (it’s been sitting in my closet since last winter, I knew it would be useful some day). It’s folded in half with tough fabric over it. I held it together by poking holes in it and tying string though it. The strap is just one long piece of fabric that threads through the foam piece, over my shoulders, around the bottom of the pack, and then around my chest to tie in front. I didn’t expect it work as well as it actually did. It held together pretty well.

I don’t actually think the puppet is finished yet. I’m hoping I’ll do that before the end of year festival happens (Bacchanalia). The wings still need to be glued down to the body, he needs a tail, and I’d like to put a clear coat on the paper mache, so I don’t have to worry about the wet so much.

Liz asked my if the puppet had a name. She is the editor of out school paper – The Phoenix – and so she was really excited when I told her it was a Phoenix. Mythologically, there is only one Phoenix, and so I feel like he doesn’t need a name. Liz didn’t seem to agree. Any thoughts?? If he does need a name, I don’t know what it is.

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  1. Karen says:

    Wow, Eleanor!! that looks really spiffy. I think you’re right, he doesn’t really need a name.

  2. Hil says:

    Thats really cool! Thanks for posting about him. I’m glad the backpack worked so well – it makes all the difference. One of the first things I made was a huge head made of chicken wire and paper mache, which rested directly on my neck. I get shudders if I think about it now, knowing now that that is a big no-no in terms of safety!

  3. eleanor says:

    Thanks!! I’m really glad you like it!

    I’ve been working with chicken wire recently, and I can’t imagine it would be a good idea to have chicken wire anywhere near your face. Though I suppose that wasn’t the most thrilling part of that piece… ew… chicken wire is scary.

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