lots o’ puppet pictures

I had my last puppetry class yesterday. That was sad… I’m not really ready for that part of this year to be over. Among other things we took lots of pictures of all our puppets before we had to clean out the shop.

Here is my marionette (finally dressed) sitting in his apartment. The apartment has ropes attached to it, so it can be dragged on and off stage. During the show the marionette has a funny little moment where he bangs his fist on the tv to get it to work.

marionette at work

This was our largest puppet. We call him George (I’m not really sure why) and he is a TV news anchor. In the piece he spends a lot of time talking about “foolish artists.” In other parts of his life he likes to look people in the eye and make creepy noises. It was very weird building a human puppet that was life size… especially when working on it alone in the middle of the night.


This is the finished shadow scene. We had a really nice moment in the show where before the light behind the screen comes on, a candle gets lit right behind the fire, which makes the image of the fire flicker and move on the screen. That was really nice.

shadow scene

And when it’s all over, most of the puppets end up in the dumpster.

puppets in dumpster

My partner and I each took home some of the smaller elements. I really only wanted to keep the marionette. I have some of the cardboard protesters too, but I’m not really sure that I’m going to keep those. We’ll see.

Well, thats an overview of the pictures… there may be more comments coming later.

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  1. mimi k says:

    I REALLY wish I could have seen it- I’m Sad!

  2. Hil says:

    It looks like you covered a lot of ground in your puppetry classes – all very cool. I know what you mean about the bigger figures being a bit wierd. I have two effigies of our prime minister in my studio, and even though they are smaller than life size, sometimes they give me a scare when I catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye.

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