ID troubles

red sox fan

I’ve been getting a lot of flac lately about the fact that I have an out of state ID. So when I went to buy beer yesterday and the man behind the counter began mumbling when I handed him my ID I was prepared for trouble. He mumbled “hurmf. Massachusetts…” to himself and continued to look at it. I asked him if there was a problem and he responded by asking how I felt about the Red Sox. I suppose I shouldn’t be terribly surprised considering that the NY Yankees are scraping the bottom of the list these days (the fact that I am aware of that though is a little surprising). After it became clear that he was going to sell me the beer as long as I wasn’t a hard core Red Sox fan. So I replied, “Oh, I don’t care about baseball enough to make it worth offending someone.” He told me I had answered wisely and sold me the beer. I’ve been living in Yankee territory for a while, but that is the first time thats ever happened to me.

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  1. Melanie says:

    hm. i always tell people that’s the only sports team i can’t really help feeling strongly about…i just have to…even though i’m about the worst baseball fan ever. that’s a hilarious (disturbing?) picture you found to go along with your story, too.

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