the end of a chapter

I moved out today. School’s finished and if I hung around much longer they would have chased me off campus with a big stick. I hate moving (I think I’ve mentioned this a couple times), but this time around to add to the excitement I had to paint my wall back to it’s original boring white.

adinkra painting

At the beginning of the year I moved in over three weeks before classes started for RA training, so I had LOTS of time to spend doing things like painting my room. I borrowed some paint from one of the other RAs who was painting her whole wall and painted an Adinkra symbol on my wall. Adinkra is a kind of fabric made by the Ashanti (parts of Ghana). The fabric is covered in pictorial symbols. While these are not an alphabet, the symbols mostly connect to a idea or proverb.

The symbol I painted on my wall I have always translated as meaning “to accomplish the impossible or unusual.” Here I’ve found another understanding, though its easy to see the connection. I felt that was a good theme to have over my school year.

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  1. Melanie says:

    totally unrelated comment: newest favorite O&M is millie – “I’ve decided to become a fatalist.”

    I’m gonna pull that line on someone someday. maybe you :)

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