Handspring Puppet Company

handspring puppet company

Slowly I am getting ready to leave for South Africa. The latest excitement is finding the HANDSPRING PUPPET COMPANY. Dan, my puppet teacher from school recommended I look them up. I’m having way more fun than I deserve looking at their website and having fantasies about going to see them.

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  1. Hil says:

    I’ve looked at their page before now and agree it looks like exciting stuff. I hope you do get to see them. I’m curious about what you are doing there and if its just a short visit. I was born and spent my first 7 years in Sth Af, but a long time ago!

    BTW I love those African symbols you posted about previously. A while ago I saw a set of rubber stamps that had those symbols on them.

  2. eleanor says:

    no… It’s not just a short visit. Right now the plan is to spend a year there. I am leaving in a couple weeks to start a semester at UCT. When that is done I’m hoping to spend the summer there and then do a second semester at Wits before coming back to the states (in July I think). Mostly I’m going to study as a university student there… though I figure taking classes will probably be only a small part of the experience.

    Any advice you have on Cape Town I would love to hear!

  3. Hil says:

    That sounds great. Its been over 20 years since I was there, so I don’t really have any advise. I’m sure its changed a lot since then, too. I do remember Cape Town is beautiful.

    You might be interested in this site: http://www.africanpuppet.com/
    Gary lives in Sydney now, but I’m sure he would still be up with puppetry over there, and I’m pretty sure he would be amenable to being emailed.

    Thanks so much for posting about Basil Twist, too. His work sounds amazing!

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