small projects

Departure day is nearing, and I’m working on getting things together to leave for South Africa (read “freaking out”). I haven’t been able to get myself to start any big projects, though I probably had time to do one if I had started it by now. Instead I’ve been doing a couple of smaller projects.

The best one was this project:

reddress-1 reddress-2

Sorry the pictures are so funny – thats me taking pictures of myself in the mirror. My mom had a dress she didn’t want. I liked the fabric, but not the fit, so I decided to try altering it. It worked out way better than I expected, though it turned out a little shorter than I planned somehow.

My next project is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. And since my mother just came into the inheritance of more zippers than any person could ever want, I figured it was a good time to use some of them

zipper bags

Anyone from the SLC theater department will recognize these. When you take theater at SLC they make you take a intro to technical theater class, in which each of the tech teachers gets you for six hours total. The costume design person uses that time to teach basic sewing and everyone makes one of these bags. In my group of three I was the only person who had ever touched a needle and thread before, which put me at the top of the class. As a result everyone in the theater department has one. I found mine to be really useful, and I really wanted more of them. I kept switching it back and forth between storing my paint brushes and using it to travel. Now I’m using one for craft tools (pliers, glue, thread, and so on), and one for toiletries. The spare two are going to be gifts.

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