Table Mountain

Table Mountain

There you have it, Table Mountain. That is a photo I took when we hiked up Mountains Head (the smallest of the mountains in the area) as the sun was setting. The peak in the center of the photo is Devil’s Peak. UCT, where I’m living now, is just on the other side of that. Then Table Mountain is actually the one on the right. So many people commented about how beautiful is was here before I left that I sort of stopped listening. But, they were right. It is really beautiful. Everywhere I turn there seems to be beautiful panoramas of mountains and ocean. Of course being new here its really striking, while all of the other UCT students seem unfazed by it.

UCT is built right at the base of Devil’s Peak, which is beautiful, but means that everything is uphill. In Boston we have a joke that if you ask for directions the answer will always be “go to the Dunkin’ Donuts and take a left till you see the next Dunkin’ Donuts.” At UCT the answer seems to be “Go up the stairs, around the corner and up the next set of stairs.” It really changes the way you think about walking around campus. Not to mention that the campus is many 20 times bigger than my campus back home. All things to get used to.

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  1. mimi k says:

    Wow! Beautiful! and I guess a bicycle wouldn’t be very helpful!

  2. Melanie says:

    happy birthday to me….


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