a new Shadow piece to work on

When I went to Johannesburg I wrote a whole lot about my reactions to the Soweto student uprising. I had a lot of really strong reactions to the even when I first learned about it in my South African politics class, but being in Soweto and going to the Hector Pieterson Museum (named for the 13 year old boy who was the first to die on the day on the uprising) brought back all of those feelings with more strength. So I’ve started to process those ideas with a lot of free writing, sketches and the beginnings of some shadow puppets.


This one is meant to be me… use your imagination.

A critical part of the story as I was first told it was about how the police threw a canister of tear gas at the children who were marching in the streets, and the wind blew the gas back in their faces. Confused, the police then opened fire on the students. I’m not sure if that story is entirely accurate, but its how I first heard it.

This is the tear gas canister closed and open.

canisteropen canister closed

And this is the wind.


I want to do some stuff with an overhead projector and photographs, but that will come later.

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  1. mimi k says:

    wow, the cut-outs are great!

  2. Hil says:

    Very cool!

    Nice to hear you are settling in and enjoying things.

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