Imagining a Life History

Every morning on the way to work my carpool stops at the 7-11 to get coffee. I generally sit in the car and wait for the driver to get back, since I don’t drink coffee. This morning as I sat in the car at the end of the parking lot, this old woman was standing by the exit of the lot. She was wearing a mumu dress and was smoking. She was probably about 67, and looked like she had been smoking for forty years at least. She was small and stout, and all her wrinkle lines made it look like she had been frowning as long as she had been smoking. She just stood there, as if she had been taking a morning walk and then suddenly forgot where she was going. A car pulled out of the lot, a white convertible with two young men in it, and she started yelling at them and waving her arms. When they avoided eye contact and didn’t stop, she tried to flick her cigarette ash on their car. She was mostly unsuccessful. Another car pulled out, and the scene was repeated. But with each car that came through she seemed to try less to get them to stop. She seemed to become resigned to the fact that no one was going to stop. Finally a woman in a green SUV stopped, and they exchanged some words, maybe directions, and the old woman turned and walked in the direction she had come from. The women driving the SUV pulled out slowly looking over her shoulder to try and watch the old woman. A minute later my car pool driver came back with his coffee and donut.

I wonder what the old woman wanted. I wonder how she got to be 67 smoking in front of the 7-11. I wish I could ask her.

In other news, my fingers hurt from using an exacto knife all day for two days in a row now.

3 Responses to “Imagining a Life History”

  1. kelly! says:

    instead of getting coffee at the 7-11 you should start the morning off with a SLURPEE!!!!!

    do it for me. just once. pepsi flavored. YUM.

  2. eleanor says:

    um…. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m at 7-11. We’ll see how I feel.

  3. Ben says:

    the real name for 7-11 is actually: “Our Lady of Perpetual Motion”

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