Mother Tongue Project


I’m starting to prepare for my exams, which is a strange concept for me. I haven’t taken a real exam since the AP Calculus test my senior year of high school. Once of my exams requires me to write a prepared essay about two pieces of South African theater, one before 1994 and one after 1994. For that I’m doing some work on the Mother Tongue Project. This is a really interesting women’s theatre collective group, and their work is amazing. The woman who created Spice Root, which I wrote about before, is one of the founder members.

The piece I’m working on for my exam – half of it took place in two taxi vans. The audience members were piled in, unaware that this was part of the show, and actors in the vans with them would begin to talk, tell stories, and argue with this captive audience in the moving vehicle. Its a totally amazing idea. When we were told in lecture that there were 3 hours of raw video footage of the show I almost flipped my lid. So, on of my plans for next week is to go watch it. All of it!

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  1. Melanie says:

    el darling….

    you’re in this theater shit for real, aren’t you. you’re in big. just promise me that when you’re big and famous (or more likely poor and starving) you’ll invite me to your shows. alright? i wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    my beer says hi :)


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