books I’ve been reading

I’ve been consuming the contents of the library with an almost frightening passion. Every now and then I just wander into the Arts library and come out with at least two books to read. Here’s some of the ones that I’ve really enjoyed:

Theatre and Cultural Struggle in South Africa by Robert Kavanagh
this is a Marxist analysis of theatre in South Africa written in the 1980′s. Really interesting slant on stuff I have been reading about in other places.

Making People’s Theatre also by Robert Kavanagh
a hands on ‘how to’ theatre book, only Marxist. And with an African slant. Really fun. Has sections like ‘how to run a democratic rehearsal’

The new Radical theatre notebook by Arthur Sainer.
this was my concession to my interests in American theatre. Its a big fat book on the theatre of the 1960′s and 70′s. It was fun to read…. lots of conversations about sex and death. Oh, and a mention of John Dillon, my dept. head back in the states. Some of these people were kind of nuts, but as one of my professors said, you have to understand the legacy you live with. And I do think that these people are part of the legacy I live with – people like Bread and Puppet and the SanFransico Mime Troupe.

Towards the Poor Theatre
AH! Grotowski!! okay, I had to read at some point, why not now, right?

Community Theatre: Global Perspectives by Eugene van Erven
This was for a class, but its really good. I totally recommend it. I particularly enjoyed the section on a women’s theatre group in rural Kenya. That gave me a lot to think about.

okay, thats all for now. Maybe more of my reading list later.

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