Rain in A Dead Man’s Footprints


Yesterday I went to the UCT arts library and watched a video of the show for an exam I have next week. Its a piece about a linguistic group of the Western Cape that no longer exists and the German anthropologists who tried to preserve their language and culture in the 1800s. It’s totally amazing, and after writing my long paper about issues of oral and literary traditions, it was unbelievable to see those issues presented on stage. I really recommend looking at the pictures, some of them are really cool.

p.s. Tuesday I leave for a whirlwind trip to Namibia. Just to keep things interesting. There should be some good pictures and stories when I get back.

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  1. Melanie says:

    that show sounds really cool. i want to see it. i just talked to my professor about my final paper for philosophy senior seminar which is about, duh, language, and she reassured me it was ok if i based it off a poem…and basically if i wrote it all about poetry. and translation. and interesting stuff like that. so that’s good, that i can philosophically defend my linguistic obsessions, right? maybe i can work your play in there somewhere :)

    happy halloween!

    love, melanie

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