South African Groceries

I’m back in Cape Town now after almost two months of travel (more on that when I get my act together). Traveling elsewhere in Southern Africa has made it really striking the things you can get in South Africa that you can’t elsewhere. This is a tribute to some of my favorite food products in South Africa.


Generally speaking, I love how fresh the food here is. Vegatables in the grocery store have actual dirt on them. These eggs have a real feather on them!! Meaning they actually had contact with a chicken! I think thats really wonderful.


For those days when your beer is just too feminine, Black Label has solved the problem my bringing you the MAN SIZED BEER! Don’t settle for less!

Blackcat PeanutButter

And lastly (for today at least) is Black Cat Peanut Butter. I think I buy it mostly because I think the label is cute. But since theres only one other kind of peanut butter in the grocery store, it doesn’t make that much difference. At first I thought maybe this brand was a distant shout out to the Black Panthers of the Black Power Movement… on further reflection I think that is very unlikely, but it still makes me think of that.

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  1. Hol says:

    Along the lines of your “favorite products” have you come across Lennon medicines? One such product of theirs is prescribed: “For Nervousness, Sleeplessness, and Flatulence”; another: “For the treatment of hysteria, other nervous conditions, colic and cramps. It relieves flatulence in the gastro-intestinal tract.” Ah, many a day do I find myself nervous and flatulent, or hysteric and crippled with cramps. But even worse, the smell of the stuff. Especially those in the tins that are pills. I brought some back for kicks and giggles, but I’ve been punished; my toiletry bag wreaks. Bah!

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